Clinical Transformation Consulting

 To position yourself as the “network of choice” during the transition to value, you'll have to reassess your approach to care delivery. The star players will be able to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deliver coordinated care across the continuum.

How we help

Our experts work with systems to implement care delivery improvement initiatives for:

Beyond these improvement opportunities, we also encourage systems to transform their platform for care delivery by considering value-based care models and programs that stress physician alignment, engagement, and quality of care. We help health care organizations with:

Our approach

Our services are designed with partnership in mind, and we make it our mission to arm your team with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain results and continue making progress long after our exit. A typical consulting engagement includes two phases:

  • Strategy development: We assess current operations, capabilities, resources, and care delivery structures to develop an informed, comprehensive plan for clinical transformation—including recommended programs, next steps, staffing models, and tools.
  • Implementation: When you're ready to put the plan into action, we're there to help with the heavy lifting. We provide the executive, operational, and clinical resources needed to supplement your team's expertise, capacity, leadership, or all of the above. Our interim management approach allows our team to quickly and positively impact performance.

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