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Custom support for population health executives to move confidently from volume to value with:

  • Detailed assessments of capabilities and opportunities
  • Tailored roadmaps that lay out the right investments to make, and when
  • Elbow-to-elbow or interim support for optimal impact

As health systems assume financial risk and expand their networks of care, efficiency and quality are key objectives for leadership teams—and the most valuable way to reduce avoidable costs while improving quality outcomes is through a robust care management strategy.

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Developing care management capabilities

Are new assets and technology needed for an optimized care model? Is it necessary to hire additional staff members to fill population health roles?

Health care leaders face a broad and overwhelming set of questions that encompass every facet of population health.

Common challenges to designing the right care management system

Organizations cannot successfully achieve population health management with a “one size fits all” care model, and health systems can develop the capabilities they need gradually. Once the foundation is laid, transformation leaders can broaden their care management scope and capabilities over time to encompass the entire system, and serve the whole population.

How we help

Our team helps clients implement a care management model that fits within their broader organizational strategies. This means developing goals that are specific to the institution’s patient population, unique market characteristics, and clinician capabilities.

We help design the care management infrastructure around distinct patient populations:

  • High-risk: The top 5% of the population with at least one complex illness, multiple comorbidities, or psychosocial needs
  • Rising-risk: The 15-35% of the population with multiple risk factors that could push them to the high-risk category if left unmanaged
  • Low-risk: The 60-80% of the population who are healthy today

Our expert consultants focus on repurposing system assets, instead of making unnecessary investments, to achieve a successful care management strategy. We work with institutions to elevate care management from a secondary activity to a strategic imperative that spans the continuum of care.

Our expertise

Laurie Norman, MSN, APRN
Vice President

Laurie has worked with members across the country, assisting in the development of quality and initiative programs for clinical integration, hospital efficiency improvement programs, service line strategies, co-management arrangements, and other care variation reduction strategies.

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