Advanced Primary Care Consulting

A Value-Based Care Consulting service

Value-Based Care Consulting

Custom support for population health executives to move confidently from volume to value with:

  • Detailed assessments of capabilities and opportunities
  • Tailored roadmaps that lay out the right investments to make, and when
  • Elbow-to-elbow or interim support for optimal impact

Health care’s transition from a volume-based to a value-based world brings with it a revitalized focus on patient-centered care. An increasing number of hospitals and health systems are recognizing the benefits of patients seeking care from an NCQA-recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)—what we call an Advanced Primary Care Practice.

Taking this step means a systemic transformation for most medical practices—enhancing quality and safety, and creating a foundation for coordination across the continuum of care.

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Moving beyond the traditional approach

Traditional medical homes have focused on:

  • Establishing health coaches for improved patient education
  • Transitioning from a PCP-led care team to an increased reliance on registered nurses
  • Setting practice workflows around evidence-based guidelines for managing chronic diseases

These practices are essential for a creating a successful patient-centered medical home. However, taking each item just a couple of steps further will allow you to increase the impact of your advanced primary care strategy and provide better care for more patients.

How we help

Our experts have been at the forefront of implementing advanced primary care strategies, and can help redefine how primary care is delivered in your community by implementing an advanced PCMH model of care. We are well-versed in the benefits of reducing ambulatory-sensitive medical care and will work with you to quantify and qualify the incentives specific to your organization.

Capitalize on our human capital

Our team is experienced in developing the strategic plan and helping clients transition to this model of care, as well as negotiating with commercial payers to maximize your ROI.

Lay the groundwork for change

Through an initial assessment, we will gauge where your primary care practices are operating today and what changes will be necessary to secure NCQA recognition.

Partnering with your administration and physician leaders, our consultants will develop a detailed workplan and timeline that strategically aligns each implementation task with specific elements vital to obtaining NCQA recognition.

Implement the advanced primary care model

We partner with a system throughout the entire change process, providing focused education and training to implement a sustainable model.

Utilizing first-in-class tools to validate all documents, we protect our clients from the risk of not meeting NCQA standards and delaying the end goal of improved primary care. Our success rate for clients achieving NCQA recognition is 100%.

Our experts

Braxton “B.J.” Millar, MBA
Vice President

B.J. serves clients with clinical integration formation, ACO formation, bundled payment design and implementation, program effectiveness, care transformation strategy, population health management, payer strategy development, provider aggregation, and the like. More.



Laurie Norman, MSN, APRN
Vice President

Laurie has worked with members across the country, assisting in the development of quality and initiative programs for clinical integration, hospital efficiency improvement programs, service line strategies, co-management arrangements, and other care variation reduction strategies. More.



Hunter Sinclair, MBA
Vice President

Hunter specializes in Medicare risk strategy, ACO and other accountable payment models, the development and operationalization of MSSP initiatives and clinically integrated networks, and providing strategic guidance to organizations navigating the transition from volume to value. More.


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