A full spectrum of interim management support

No two organizations are exactly alike. That's why we work with you to structure what's best suited for your organization, drawing on our wide range of interim management options for your hospital, your medical group, your ACO or other value-based care program, and your technology enterprise.

Our interim managers partner with your existing leadership team to support large-scale change, such as an organizational turnaround, as well as smaller change, like when a member of the leadership team makes a transition, which can be equally disruptive.

Interim teams to effect change
Some jobs are just too big for one person. We can provide an interdisciplinary team of people to carry out your organizational improvement strategy while your existing leadership team manages day-to-day operations.

Individual interim leaders to fill a leadership void
The prolonged absence of a senior executive can be a financial and operational burden for an organization. Don’t risk it. Our interim executives can quickly and skillfully step into your organization to keep it moving forward until you bring on a permanent replacement.

Our Interim Management Approach

Flexible in duration
Seasoned executives are onsite weekly. Durations range from just a few months to over three years. We offer options for traveling our interim executives in weekly or relocating them to live in the community.

Dedicated resources
Our interim executives are fully and exclusively dedicated to your organization.

Structured leadership
An executive sponsor oversees the engagement, providing additional expertise and depth, coordinating our team's resources, and regularly monitoring client satisfaction.

Strategic planning
A detailed project plan is designed and regularly updated to set forth initiatives, accountable parties, progress toward milestones, and mutually agreeable objectives.

Outcomes-driven approach
Each engagement is tailored to achieve specific, mutually agreed upon outcomes and a demonstrable ROI.

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