2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Report in Brief

More than a million minutes have passed since the release of our last Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, and our colleagues have made every one of them count. This report tells the story of how Community Impact—The Advisory Board Company’s CSR program—supports our firm’s mission to make health care better, education smarter, and our communities stronger.

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A message from Robert Musslewhite, chairman and CEO

Robert Musslewhite

Every second in the United States, someone is admitted to a hospital. Every eight seconds, a child is born.

At The Advisory Board Company, we see the stories behind those numbers—and we are called to improve the outcomes for every one of these people.

Five out of every six hospital patients in the United States are seen by our health care members. Two of every three children will need a college education to sustain employment throughout their lives. These facts demonstrate the tremendous power and possibility of our work in these fields.

“Our mission is to make health care better, education smarter, and our communities stronger.”

This possibility is maximized through the call to action I have put to our employees: make every minute count. View each interaction with our members, our colleagues, and our communities as an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better. Look at the full breadth of the resources we all have: time, assets, ideas, skills, and passion, and use our firm’s vast infrastructure for the inspiration and support to make every action meaningful for yourself and for others. Over the course of our lifetimes, it is estimated that each of us will interact with over 80,000 people. In order to truly effect change and improve the lives of others, each of us must make the deliberate decision every day to bring our best selves to every encounter.

In 2015, we renewed our company mission to reflect our evolution as a firm and the progress still needed to meet the challenges ahead.

Our mission is to make health care better, education smarter, and our communities stronger. The only way we can achieve this is if we make every minute count for our members, our colleagues, and our communities.

While our mission evolves with the needs of those we serve, our core values have remained constant. The force of insight and the power of language guide every action we take, and we approach every encounter with a spirit of generosity in the forefront of our minds.

I invite you to view the stories of impact shared across our 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility report, and to gain a sense for how our 3,500 employees invested their minutes in our community, in our culture, and in creating change for the better in health care and higher education.

The clock is ticking. Let’s make our minutes count.

—Robert Musslewhite

What a million minutes of impact looks like

Here’s a closer look at some of the ways we’re living our mission.

Making a difference in the community

Helping D.C. students succeed in college
Using their expertise in student success, members of an EAB pro bono team set out to identify the challenges facing Washington, D.C., students and deliver a tool that could help students, parents, and school administrators overcome barriers to success in higher education. Read their story

How an internship changed a life
Manny Silva faced struggles early in his life that forced him to put his dreams on hold. Thanks to the Advisory Board and the Latin American Youth Center’s Career Academy, those dreams have since become a reality. Watch the video

Building our culture of impact

What drives us
The Advisory Board Company’s mission is to make health care better, education smarter, and our communities stronger. This laser like focus on serving others ensures that we recruit, develop, and retain employees who are passionate about driving real impact through their work, their service, and their personal commitments. Watch the video

Making our minutes count
In late 2015, we launched the Make Your Minutes Count campaign, a two-week effort designed to encourage and capture acts of kindness and gratitude. Employees shared their stories on social media and encouraged their colleagues and friends to join the movement. Watch the video

Employees: The backbone of our impact

How I serve: Cause Community leader
Cause Communities at the Advisory Board bring together like-minded colleagues who want to make a difference in a specific issue area. Hear the story of Riana Shah, co-founder of the Social Innovation Cause Community, and learn what social innovation really means and how you can get involved. Watch the video

How I serve: Pro bono executive advisor
Pro bono executive advisors (EAs) serve as relationship managers to nonprofit organizations around the world that work closely with the Advisory Board. This video tells the story of Andrew Carter, who serves as an EA to Free Minds, an organization that uses books, creative writing, and peer support to enable youth incarcerated as adults to achieve their education and career goals. Watch the video

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Now that you’ve seen a sampling of our CSR efforts, download the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report to truly see what we mean by more than a million minutes of impact.