The Health Care Sustainability Initiative

Resources to help hospitals improve their community, environment, and bottom line

A new way of helping our members achieve their mission

The Advisory Board Company is committed to helping our members identify and implement environmental sustainability best practices to lower costs and improve population health. The Health Care Sustainability Initiative represents our first effort to provide members targeted and actionable resources for promoting sustainable health care delivery practices.

Environmental stewardship, financial success not mutually exclusive

In a perfect world, every health care leader would create a sustainable delivery model and rigorously consider the green impact of hospital initiatives. But in the real world, we assume that the more sustainable path is also the more expensive one.

Our research tells a different story. It turns out that the U.S. health care industry could actually save as much as $15 billion over the next 10 years simply by adopting more sustainable practices. Individual hospitals can save millions of dollars on energy efficiency initiatives, waste reduction efforts, and environmentally-friendly purchasing. These gains, in turn, would have a positive and measurable effect the health of the local community, making sustainability-focused hospitals an even greater steward of population health.

10 resources for cashing in on sustainability

By exploring industry trends and profiling leading organizations, we have developed a set of best practices to help hospital leaders design more sustainable practices. These resources are offered gratis to all Advisory Board members and can be downloaded below. 

  1. Energy Efficiency: The Gateway into Sustainability
  2. Lighting the Way to Savings
  3. Infrared Scanning to Reduce Energy Costs
  4. Using Cogeneration to Power Your Hospital
  5. Smart Supply Chain: The Kanban Inventory Method 
  6. Discount Surgical Disposable Exchanges
  7. How to Reformulate OR Packs
  8. Reprocessing Medical Devices
  9. Guide for Reducing Red Bag Waste
  10. Best Practices for Disposing of Blue Wrap Waste

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