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2017 year-in-review: 3 takeaways from our top blog posts

January 18, 2018

    What was most top-of-mind for the health care C-suite in 2017? Read on for three takeaways from At the Helm's top blog posts of last year. I also encourage you to join us at Health Care Advisory Board's 2017-2018 National Meeting to learn how health care leaders can prepare for the inevitable margin management challenge, design an effective Medicaid strategy, discover the latest clinical innovations, and more.

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    1. Payment reform remained top-of-mind

    Health system leaders entered 2017 with big questions about what the Trump administration would mean for payment and delivery system reform. The answers are reflected in three of our top blog posts of the year: The shift to value-based payment continues, but the pace has slowed a bit. And all the same, providers need to be making investments now to thrive amid the changing health care landscape.

    3 mandatory bundles canceled, a 4th scaled back. Here's what you need to know: In late November, CMS issued a final rule that canceled three mandatory bundled payment programs, significantly rolled back a fourth, and canceled a cardiac rehabilitation incentive payment model. Read our take on what that will mean for providers.

    10 takeaways on the 2018 MACRA final rule: CMS in early November released the 2018 final rule to implement the second year of MACRA's Quality Payment Program (QPP). Read our 10 key takeaways.

    What 183 C-suite executives told us about their top concerns: This post detailed three insights from our Annual Health Care CEO Survey—including some big changes from last year that reflect the rise of health care consumerism. Read what we learned from 183 C-suite execs.

    2. Health system leaders sought 'Lessons from the C-suite'

    Advisory Board Managing Partner Eric Larsen has remarked that health system leaders tend to be "aggressive learners"—and the interest in Eric's "Lessons from the C-suite" series with our industry's most influential executives certainly backs that up. Several of Eric's interviews were among our most-read blog posts, including:

    Building the 'Tesla' of health systems: Where Marc Harrison plans to take Intermountain next: Marc Harrison, president and CEO of Intermountain Healthcare, talks about crafting a cohesive team with employees from 71 countries, taking Intermountain from a "horseless carriage" to a Tesla, and leading as a physician—and as a patient. Read our interview with Marc.

    Duke Health CEO's advice for young leaders: Take more risks: Dr. Eugene Washington, Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke University and President and CEO of Duke University Health System, talks about why he sees population health improvement as the system's "ultimate goal," his thoughts on the future of AMCs, and his phone-free approach to unwinding. Read our interview with Eugene.

    From basketball coach to CEO of a $5.5B health system: Where James Hereford is taking Fairview next: James Hereford, president and CEO of Fairview Health Services, talks about lessons learned on the ranch, a lifelong journey to "find the hard projects," and how 2017—which has already seen a health system merger, incorporation of a health plan, and negotiation of an academic medical group contract—was shaping up for Fairview. Read our interview with James.

    Why Mount Sinai's CEO says, 'If our beds are filled, it means we've failed': Ken Davis, CEO of Mount Sinai Health System, talks about his background as a psychiatrist, how he revamped Mount Sinai by "betting the ranch," and the health system's commitment to population health. Read our interview with Ken.

    3. Execs kept a close watch on the twists and turns of health reform

    The Affordable Care Act and the GOP's efforts to repeal it (and to overhaul Medicaid) both seemed to have nine lives in 2017, and many of our top blogs posts reflected health care leaders' interest in how Congress and the Trump administration might change health policy, such as:

    How to interpret Trump's executive order regarding the ACA: Way back in January 2017, President Trump issued an executive order that directed federal agencies to take steps to ensure the government's implementation of the ACA minimizes the burden on impacted parties. We discussed it did and didn't mean—and what health care leaders should take away from it. Read the post.

    The House just passed ACA repeal. Now what? In May, the House passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), something that seemed highly improbable just six weeks earlier. We broke down the key takeaways from the bill's passage in the House, along with the no-regrets steps providers needed to take regardless of whether the bill (which ultimately failed to pass the Senate) became law. See the no-regrets steps.


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