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Why your strategy team needs data leadership

June 19, 2017

    The data landscape is changing: Not only can you dive deeper into traditional data sources than ever before, but you can also tap into new datasets that improve visibility into consumer preferences, freestanding and physician office activity, and patient journeys across the continuum.

    These resources afford great potential; they can enable planning teams to create multi-dimensional market analyses that spark greater confidence in growth planning, improve decision-making speed, and go beyond basic market share measures to better understand the root causes of market performance. 

    Tactics for managing the data flood

    While more data is a good thing, the rapid availability of new resources poses a big challenge. The data flood prompts strategy and business development teams with questions like:

    • How do we integrate new data into our analytic processes?
    • What new metrics should we use?
    • How do we communicate new insights to (often skeptical) internal stakeholders?

    To manage data effectively, strategy teams must focus on three activities:


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