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Our vision for transforming health care: It starts with you

February 2, 2017

    All of us who work in health care are well-versed in change, and this year has ushered in a period of particular uncertainty—and opportunity—for our members. That's one reason why I'm eager to share with you the vision for our work in 2017 and beyond.

    As always, your challenges are our challenges, and your goals are our goals—and now we are better positioned than ever to help you tackle them.

    Comprehensive research to propel best practice performance

    Research is at our core—perhaps now more than ever. Our intent moving forward, though, is to recast our relationship from the individual program level to one in which we offer unfettered access to our comprehensive research platform, propelling every level of your organization toward best practice performance.

    I'm not talking about insights and ideas alone. We give every major player in your hospital or health system a direct line to truly proven strategies, along with training, tools, and expert support. Combined, they activate you and your teams to get better outcomes, more efficiently.

    Deep solutions where you need them most

    Then, in select areas, we go deeper, providing the technology and consulting capabilities needed to hardwire best practices. Moving forward we are disproportionately focusing these resources and further investments on three systemic challenges you are confronting:

    • Driving health system growth
      Attract and retain the patients you aspire to serve by offering the care network, access, and experience they need.

    • Reducing care variation
      Improve quality and outcomes and lower costs by eliminating unwarranted deviation from the best standard of care.

    • Optimizing the revenue cycle
      Sustain the financial stability necessary to serve your community by making sure you are paid efficiently for services rendered.

    We know that a tighter focus on these essential functions will ensure you see the greatest possible benefit for your organization, patients, and communities.

    Pottsville, Pa., knows the power of best practices

    Time and time again, we've seen the importance of making best practices work for you. For Schuylkill Health (now Lehigh Valley Hospital-Schuylkill), that meant regaining the financial stability to give local residents the care they need, in the community where they need it.

    Located in Pottsville, Pa.—a small, rural town that's a solid hour to every single other tertiary hospital—Schuylkill Health once had just 17 days' cash on hand and a negative 8% operating margin. The hospital knew something had to change, and fast.

    Through our partnership—which focused on revenue cycle operations, workforce management, patient care processes, and revenue generation—Schuylkill quickly realized a $17 million margin improvement, putting it back on the path to success.

    You steered our strategy—now get the whole story

    This is just one member story featured in a new piece outlining how we help your organizations achieve best practice performance.

    it starts with you

    The title, "It starts with you," is no accident. In the same way you look to us as a trusted advisor, we asked you to guide and challenge us.

    And we heard you. You felt inundated by our one-off offerings and sales efforts. You wanted a partner that would think holistically. You desired a consistent and streamlined service team, focusing intensely on your most essential functions and aligned around your most pressing priorities. Our plan responds to what you told us, and I welcome your ongoing feedback as we push forward.

    It is our great privilege to support your quest to save lives and restore health. On behalf of the entire Advisory Board team, I look forward to working with you in the year ahead.

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