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3 ways our new tools can give you a strategic edge

February 17, 2017

    We've recently released a series of bigger and better data tools to better support your strategic planning and customer interactions.

    You can view all these tools here.

    Each of our new tools can be placed into one of three categories: those that can assist you in learning more about 1) a geographic market or procedure projections; 2) a customizable segment of health care providers; or 3) an individual provider customer. Many of the tools incorporate hospital data, but we have also built some offerings representing ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), critical access hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and physicians.


    The market, customer segments and customers


    The best way to approach these new resources is to think about your use case. Based on your function and business, certain tools might be more useful to you than others. Below, I've included three of the more common use cases to give you a window into some of your new capabilities.

    1. I want to understand procedure growth by site of care

    Our market-focused tools are the best ways to accomplish this request. While many of you may have used our market estimators before, the Market Scenario Planner allows for far more depth and customization in analyzing market projections. If you want to see how a procedure's growth rate may differ in a local market (or nationally) by the ambulatory surgical, physician office, or hospital outpatient department, this is the tool for you. We continue to offer projections for inpatient, outpatient, and more specialized sites of care, but all of our projections are now available within this one interface.

    You can view 5- and 10-year market projections for adjustable geographies and drill down to the procedure (or procedure group) level. More importantly, you can now look at our market projection assumptions and cut future projections by demographics and specific outpatient sites of care.

    2. I want to explore the demographics, insurance makeup, and disease prevalence in a local market

    For this type of request, you'll likely want to turn to our Demographics Profiler, which contains local information and projections for a variety of patient indicators. You can compare markets to one another and view zip code-level statistics in the interface or through Excel downloads. For greater convenience, the same market definitions you create in the Market Scenario Planner are also available in this tool, and vice versa.

    3. I want to get detailed information to support customer interactions

    This is where our customer-focused tools come in handy. You may be familiar with our Health Care Facility Quickview tool, which launched last year and provides brief overviews of individual hospitals. Data in the Quickview will be refreshed by the end of February and the tool will soon include profiles of Medicare-certified ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and critical access hospitals (CAHs) as well.

    While the Quickview provides a static list of key performance indicators, our new Performance Profiler suite offers over 1,000 different data points for hospitals, critical access hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities—and you can compare up to 20 facilities' performance on each of these metrics. You'll also likely find clinical, operational, and financial metrics that are relevant to your relationships with customers that you can use to improve the quality of your services to them. For example, you could see how a series of your customers are performing on an important quality metric and help spread best practices from high performers to the entire group. In my opinion, this will likely be the most impactful addition for many of you.


    hospital performance profiler


    Learn more at our launch webconferences

    Our ultimate objective is to help you do what you do faster and better. We believe these resources will help you better enable your hospital, physician, and other provider partners to increase the quality and efficiency of their patient care.

    Get a walkthrough of our market-focused tools

    Get a walkthrough of our segment and customer tools

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