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2 smart ways to use data to prove your population health work's value

February 14, 2017

    The future of population health is uncertain. In a changing regulatory environment, we're recommending a pivot to "no-regrets strategies," especially around consumer-oriented services. But that's not to say you should put your population health initiatives on hold. Rather, you'll want to use data to track them effectively in order to realize value and secure growth.

    North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) of the Hudson Valley has followed this best practice through its partnership with Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH), a 192-bed acute care hospital in Hudson, NY. Together, they built CMH's Orthopedic Wellness Center, led by Dr. Chris Gorczynski.

    This perioperative wellness program for total joint patients manages patients' stress by guiding them through a dietician consult, massage, meditation session, and pre-surgical education class. The concept is that these population health investments will improve surgical outcomes and overall health.

    To test that theory and prove program value, NAPA of the Hudson Valley keeps track of key metrics. Read on to learn more about the program's data tracking, along with two takeaways for how you can use data to secure future program development.

    1. Track key measures to realize growth

    Patient attitudes


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