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And the most trusted source on Obamacare is...

September 28, 2013

    Dan Diamond, Managing Editor

    A new Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll shows the dual challenge facing officials trying to implement the Affordable Care Act: The public's still uninformed about the ACA, but also very skeptical of news coverage about the law.

    According to the poll, which was conducted between September 12-18, only 12% of all working-age uninsured respondents knew that health insurance exchanges are slated to launch this coming Tuesday. Another 3% were aware that the exchanges would be open at some point in 2013. 

    "There are two ways to think about these poll numbers," Sarah Kliff writes at the Washington Post's Wonkblog. "One is that they're a disaster ... If people are this uninformed right now, how [is the White House] ever going to hit projections of 7 million people enrolling in the first year?"

    But Kliff also reports that many state officials are sitting on ad campaigns that they'll debut once the health insurance exchanges are up and running, which could still be several weeks away.

    However, there's another interesting nugget buried in the tracking poll: The public's persistent suspicion about Obamacare coverage, and which media outlet they most trust.

    Deep skepticism of media coverage

    Overwhelmingly, respondents to Kaiser's poll felt that media coverage of the Affordable Care Act has lacked practical value. Fifty-six percent of respondents said that news reports have been driven by politics and controversy, while just 6% of respondents felt that media coverage has centered on how the law will affect Americans.

    And perhaps because of that, more than half of respondents said there wasn't a source in the media that they trusted.

    So who is the most trusted source for Obamacare information? Cable TV news, with Fox News (10% of respondents thought it was the most trusted source) holding a commanding lead over CNN (5%).

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