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ICD-10 Tumor Site Map

    We updated our tumor site map to align with the active FY 2022 ICD-10 diagnosis code set.

    Prior to this, Advisory Board conducted a comprehensive overhaul of our Tumor Site Map in FY 2019 to align with the ICD-10 diagnosis code set based on several years of historical ICD-10 claims data. We made significant changes to the Tumor Site Map’s structure and even to some of the relationships between specific codes and tumor sites or sub-tumor sites.

    To learn more about the new structure and methodology implemented in FY 2019 as well as the minor updates made in subsequent years, we recommend reviewing the User Guide first.

    Download the User Guide

    Major updates to Tumor Site Map in FY 2019 overhaul:

    1. More detailed tumor site categories (macro, tumor site, sub-tumor site, and micro)
    2. More ICD-10 codes (retired codes and codes for patients without active cancer who may be of interest to cancer programs)
    3. More detail about each ICD-10 code (e.g., malignancy status, flags for secondary cancers, and filters for male vs. female breast cancer codes)

    Download the ICD-10 Tumor Site Map


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