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Stay Up to Date: Inside the budget reconciliation debate

2021/10/14 15:00:00
2021/10/14 16:00:00

October 14, 2021

3:00 PM - 4:00 PMAmerica/New_York

    About this Webinar

    Congress is working to pass a massive reconciliation bill that could have significant implications for the providers, payers, and pharma. Lawmakers are debating policy changes that could impact every sector of health care, including expanding Medicare benefits, Medicare drug price negotiation, prescription drug inflation penalties, and proposals to expand access to health care coverage.

    In this Stay Up to Date, Christopher Kerns will be joined by a panel of experts featuring Mara McDermott, a VP with McDermott+Consulting, and Advisory Board's Heather Bell to get the insider’s perspective on the biggest health care policies being debated, how those policies could shape the industry, and which policies could make it into the final bill.

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