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How Health Plans Can Improve Behavioral Health Access

2021/02/23 15:00:00
2021/02/23 16:00:00

February 23, 2021

3:00 PM - 4:00 PMAmerica/New_York

    About this Webinar

    Health plans continue to struggle when it comes to improving behavioral health care access for their members. However, some plans have looked to combat this by shifting their priorities to focus on improving care coordination and expanding convenient “front doors” for members to access behavioral health care.

    Many plans are considering or already experimenting with models that integrate behavioral health into primary care settings. But widespread adoption is challenging for PCPs—integration takes major financial investments and PCPs have an ever-growing task list from an industry looking to them to “quarterback” everything. Join us for a discussion about the ways health plans are enabling broader PCP participation and encouraging greater investment in behavioral health care network capacity.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Prioritizing behavioral health quality metrics that will help generate better, more granular evidence for BH care impacts
    • Minimizing the workload burden on PCPs for behavioral health navigation and coordination
    • Targeting meaningful training resources at the biggest PCP-led behavioral health management opportunities

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