Digital Health Spotlight Series: Changing the Interoperability Landscape

    About this Webinar

    The digital health data ecosystem is growing exponentially, and while there is immense potential to leverage that data, the health care industry still struggles with basic matters of interoperability. Barriers to data exchange limit care coordination efforts, and can restrict how health care stakeholders support patients as they move along the care continuum. CommonWell Health Alliance is a non-profit organization seeking to remove the technological and process barriers to health data exchange.

    For this session, Advisory Board’s Andrew Rebhan will be presenting with Paul Wilder, Executive Director at CommonWell Health Alliance, to share how nationwide health data exchange at the point of care is a necessity for digital health advancement.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • How provider organizations, health IT vendors, payers, HIEs, and patients can benefit from a nationwide network with common standards and policies.
    • Examples of real-world scenarios that showcase the tangible benefits of seamless interoperability.
    • What the future of health care data exchange looks like and how continued innovation will impact the health care industry.

    Presenter: Andrew Rebhan

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