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How physician practices are thinking about acquisition in today’s financial landscape

    About this Webinar

    Without question, Covid-19 is threatening the margins needed to keep many independent physician practices financially viable. And groups of all types are grappling with serious concerns for their workforce’s health and safety, as clinicians suffer from stress, burnout, trauma, and safety fears amid the epidemic.

    These challenges mean that many groups are looking at their strategic options differently—from operational cost reductions to new partnership strategies to access capital and resources. Likewise, private equity firms, physician aggregators, health plans, and health systems are re-evaluating their opportunities for partnership with these practices—and the potential impact of future acquisitions.

    Join us for a facilitated discussion with our experts to better understand how these decisions are unfolding for different types of physician groups, and the factors they’re evaluating in potential partners, and what that might mean for the ecosystem of provider networks system.

    Let us know what you'd like to see us discuss--email Natalie Trebes at with your questions for the panelists in advance.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Physician group needs amid Covid-19
    • How these challenges influence alignment and acquisition decisions
    • Factors driving appeal of various potential partner or owner options
    • Lessons learned from acquisitions in the past


    • Sarah Hostetter, Physician Practice Roundtable
    • Rachel Woods, Physician Executive Council
    • Julie Riley, Health Care Industry Committee

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