The Future of Primary Care

    About this Webinar

    The primary care landscape is transforming before our eyes; as such, it has attracted renewed interest in payer-led vertical integration (think Humana and CVS) as well as scores of innovative disruptors like OneMedical and ChenMed. In this closing, forward-thinking session, we’ll help participants understand the major trends reshaping primary care and envision how health care’s “front door” might operate in the year 2025.

    Participants will learn how providers are fundamentally transforming the ways they deliver primary care—using technology, data, and extended care teams in wholly new ways—while also reflecting on how differently patients may receive care and manage care outside of physician office settings.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Exploring the segmentation of primary care: Navigate the tension between specialization and scale in the new primary care landscape
    • Redesigning the care team: Reconfigure roles and responsibilities to expand capacity, improve outcomes, and reduce burnout
    • Unlocking the promise of technology: Assess how artificial intelligence, digital health, and other innovations could transform primary care

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