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How to Negotiate Win-Win Technology Contracts

    About this Webinar

    It is increasingly important to negotiate contracts that align the interests of buyer and vendor to deliver long term mutual value. In a competitive market, vendors must find new ways to serve provider partners while they deliver strong financial performance. Though contracting is often viewed as a competitive exercise, win-win contracts can lay the foundation for mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

    This 30-minute session is intended for anyone with a stake in the technology negotiations and contracting process. We'll present a framework to approach IT contracting and offer best practices and anecdotes to find common ground and cultivate strong buyer-vendor relationships.

    Things You'll Learn

    • Why it's critical that providers and IT vendors prioritize mutually beneficial contracts
    • Strategies for providers and vendors to approach the negotiations process wisely
    • Best practices around specific contract terms that can help ensure mutually beneficial contracts

    Presenter: Greg Kuhnen

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