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2018 Analytics and AI Survey

    About this Webinar

    Health care providers, health plans, and other industry stakeholders have access to more data than ever before, but are challenged to make productive use of it towards accomplishing system objectives. The Advisory Board recently conducted a national study of 125 health care leaders to better understand how they plan to apply advanced analytics--including including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning--to simplify operations, improve patient interactions, and manage the total cost of care.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Who is leading the advancement of analytics across organizations and how teams are staffed and structured
    • What business and clinical problems are the top priorities for advanced analytics techniques, including AI (e.g., revenue cycle, capacity, acute clinical, risk management, procurement, capacity, staffing optimization)
    • Which capabilities and processes are hindering effective, measurable benefits from broad application of analytics (e.g., talent, governance maturity, decision culture, tools, support process)

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