How to Win a Greater Share of Top Talent

    About this Webinar

    Demand for health care talent is high and the most qualified candidates are already employed. With such high demand for health care talent, potential applicants have more opportunities than ever before. In addition, technology has disrupted the recruiting process, making it easier to apply to jobs (in theory) and giving candidates an opportunity to screen you before you screen them. To remain competitive, you need to update your recruiting playbook to be candidate-centric.

    In this webconference, an HR Advancement Center expert will share best practices for winning a greater share of talent in your market—and associated tools your team can use to help you implement these practices.

    What You'll Learn:

    • Streamline your application process
    • Spot the right talent for your hiring managers
    • Prepare hiring managers to sell top candidates on your organization
    • Encourage passive talent to consider your organization as a future employer

    Presenter: Margot Peterson

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