Top Ten Health Care IT Challenges for 2018

    About this Webinar

    Despite the political uncertainty in Washington, the GOP’s health policy agenda has crystallized around the overarching goals of reducing federal health care spending and injecting more free-market principles into the health care economy through legislation or rulemaking. Providers should expect continued pressure on margins, more state-based reforms, and more responsibilities shifted to individuals–in addition to ongoing health care industry and organizational transformation and disruption, driven by the need for improvements in cost, quality, access and patient/provider satisfaction.

    Forward-thinking organizations continue to expand IT-related efforts beyond MU and operational excellence. IT-related initiatives focus not only on cost reduction and organizational strategy enablement but also on digital business and clinical innovation to streamline customer journeys, improve clinical care, and to create new, more affordable business models and product offerings.

    This presentation:

    • Identifies the major IT-related issues facing health care leaders today
    • Provides guidance on actions to take now to help address these issues
    • Describes the Health Care IT Advisor's 2018 research agenda


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