Consumer Research for Growth Insights

    Consumer Research for Growth Insights

    As consumers continue to take a more active role in their care, the mandate to understand consumer choice, loyalty, and activation grows ever stronger. Despite significant financial ramifications, however, most growth strategists perform minimal consumer research, and the tools they rely on provide insufficient or even misguided insights.

    For instance, demographic data—a mainstay of traditional consumer research—can forecast demand, but it can’t reveal how or why a consumer makes their decision. And patient satisfaction surveys and patient advisory councils, two other consumer research staples, only reveal existing consumers’ perspectives.

    Today’s growth strategists must understand what new patients want from a care provider, what makes a patient loyal across the care continuum, and how patients can be activated for self-management. For these growth insights, strategists need a new consumer research approach.

    This study contains keys for conducting consumer research to understand patient choice, loyalty, and activation. You'll learn about how to maximize the impact of your research by targeting different types of consumers, uncovering hidden drivers of patient behavior, and more.

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