The experts agree—patient experience matters

Re-envisioning the patient experience

Since the start of 2015, our sources have all been pointing to a surge of interest in improving the patient experience.

When you think about it, this isn’t entirely surprising. Health care organizations' reimbursements increasingly are tied to patient satisfaction, and patients themselves are playing a bigger role in choosing providers and insurance plans.

So how do you please patients? This issue offers an array of perspectives from our researchers and consultants. Download the entire publication now or explore the individual pieces below.


What's inside

What patients actually want—and why hospital leaders fail to grasp it
The Daily Briefing spoke with Alicia Daugherty, practice manager of the Marketing and Planning Leadership Council, to discuss hospitals’ approach to consumer data. Read post

Want to please patients? Maybe you should start a specialty hospital.
More than 80% of hospitals with top HCAHPS scores are specialty hospitals. Michael Koppenheffer dug into the data and proposed an explanation for this finding. Read post

What patient experience says about your medical group
Patient experience means a lot more than a survey score—it’s the foundation of your brand. So where should medical groups focus their attention? Read post

Why human experience trumps patient experience (and what to do about it)
Most providers are approaching patient experience the wrong way—and that's because they're focusing on patients. Read post

Want to get ahead of negative patient experiences?

Wait times and satisfaction: Perception is reality
It's no surprise that long wait times affect patient satisfaction, but the actual wait time often matters less than perceived wait time. Here's how a Houston airport learned this lesson. Read post

What hospitals overlook about patient experience
Hospitals’ strategy must be about more than raising HCAHPS scores, according to Jessica Suchy. The Daily Briefing sat down with her to learn more. Read post

What one radiologist learned when she went from doctor to patient
After Jennifer Kemp's husband was diagnosed with cancer, she started asking an important question: Why can't radiologists talk to patients and give them results sooner? Read post

The employee engagement drivers most likely to boost your HCAHPS scores
We've identified the 10 drivers that have the greatest impact on patient satisfaction and flagged those where most organizations have room to improve. Read post

How I learned the difference between 'urgent care' and 'urgent care' the hard way
Health systems have been investing in retail and urgent care clinics to help patients get the right care at the right time—but Brian Contos's recent visit suggests that some have a long way to go to make coordinated care a reality. Read post

Why one former medical group exec wants you to stop 'managing' physicians
How do we get our clinical workforce to meet the demands of an evolving market? Anthony D’Eredita argues it's by giving up traditional physician management and empowering physicians to develop the solutions alongside us. Read post

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