Fostering patient- and family-centered care

How iRound helps caregivers at Hennepin County Medical Center meet patients' needs

Find out how iRound enables Hennepin County Medical Center to be more responsive to patient and family needs.

Sheila Moroney, director of patient experience services at Hennepin County Medical Center, discusses how iRound has helped caregivers better understand and more quickly address patient and family needs.

Hennepin County Medical Center, the level one trauma center and safety net hospital for Minneapolis and greater surroundings, comprises a 450-bed hospital and 42 community-based clinics. Each year, the organization receives approximately 100,000 ED visits and 450,000 clinic visits.

Delivering patient- and family-centered care is both a top strategic priority and a challenge, given the diversity of the patient population as well as the magnitude of patient and family interactions.

Watch Sheila's short video to learn how the iRound platform:

  • Fosters meaningful conversations with patients and their family members
  • Enables caregivers to spot trends in an individual patient's experience
  • Helps caregivers and leaders proactively address unique patient needs

See iRound in action

Hennepin County Medical Center's story is just one example of how iRound can help caregivers meet patients' needs. Schedule your free demo to learn more about all the platform has to offer.

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