Introducing Workforce Compass

As we’ve made significant progress to expand deeper into outpatient clinical areas—and now into all non-clinical areas of the hospital—we wanted our program name to also reflect these changes. We hope that our new name, Workforce Compass, conveys our dedication to helping you focus on labor productivity and managing labor cost across the entire workforce.

Addressing the shift in labor cost management

Why the change in name? Recent research has shown that the future of how hospitals manage margins must be better integrated across departments, and across the entire workforce. Labor cost management is also becoming more universal and will be increasingly patient-centered.

Data-driven and action-oriented

There are two key components that make up Workforce Compass: daily housewide reporting and the in-depth, rigorous analytics available to nursing units, including all inpatient nursing units, the emergency department, and labor and delivery. Knowing that it's necessary to manage labor outside of nursing units, we're including hospital-wide reporting capabilities to ensure all departments are held to their productivity goals.

Daily housewide reporting

We’ve expanded our reporting for all staff at all levels of the hospital, from unity managers to executive leaders. Rather than just reporting data, our three key reports drive users to action by highlighting key areas of opportunity.

Housewide Variance Scorecard

Understand how your entire organization is performing in a single view. The Housewide Variance Scorecard contains key dollars, hours and productivity metrics that enable you to measure the health of each of your units.

Housewide Hours by Employee

Quantify the impact that each employee in your organization is having on your budget.

Housewide Staffing to Demand Performance

Use the Housewide Staffing to Demand Performance report to identify demand trends and make adjustments to better staff to demand.

An evolving partnership

Every Workforce Compass member partners with a dedicated advisor who functions as both an educator and analyst—to assist you in identifying opportunities and manage process improvement activities. Your dedicated advisor also helps you:

  • Identify and prioritize short- and long-term goals
  • Proactively review member data to support performance goals and prevent backsliding
  • Share best practices and reports across the cohort
  • Ensure successful and widespread use of Workforce Compass
  • Conduct initial and ongoing training

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