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"Having put in other software in my 15 years of being here, most vendors come in, train the trainer, and then you never see them again. You get a 1-800 number and you always reach someone different.That is not what you get with the Advisory Board. We are not just happy, we are thoroughly thrilled with the customer service we receive from the Advisory Board; how can we help you, did you notice this, proactive outreach, really caring about our data—technical with a human touch—this is nothing we have experienced with any other product."


"I used to describe the Advisory Board as a think tank. Now I would describe your company as the means and ends of what makes technology run within the hospital. It translates to work in your organization beginning, middle, and end (although there isn't an end because you continue to work and support us)."

—Patient Access Manager

“Every time we put the impossible out there, the Advisory Board doesn't say ‘that's impossible’; they say, ‘let us see how we can help, let's think about this, etc.’ The Advisory Board brings that piece that most consulting firms don't.”

— President

“This is data we have never had before so it is like being a kid in a candy store”

Seven-hospital academic health system in the Mid-Atlantic

“This experience with working with the Advisory Board has opened my eyes to what the Advisory Board has to offer. This has definitely exceeded my expectations.”

—Chief Financial Officer

“I guess I just really like the comfort level of knowing that ABC is always there as a resource for us in this process.”

—Director, Health IT Management

“Of all the vendors I've ever dealt with in my 30+ years in health care, this is without question the best company I've ever worked with. If we call, our [dedicated advisor] jumps to help. I can't say enough good things about this membership and our DA.”

 —Administrative Director, Business Services

“You brought in the project management expertise, focus, and vision to our team.”

—Chief Financial Officer

“I wanted to have a resource where I could pick up the phone and hear about leading-edge issues and cost containment. I wanted someone who could provide unique knowledge. The expertise is there. They are meeting and exceeding our expectations.”

 —Vice President, Human Resources
Mid-Atlantic employer

“The Advisory Board attracts and employs talented, resourceful people that work tirelessly to get you the info that you want. I believe [Employee Health Compass] is a huge value…We think so highly of this we expanded it from one to three hospitals in our system.”

—System Director of Compensation
New England health system

“We've currently identified about $250,000 in underpayments, in addition to some expected overpayments…we have made a good investment in [Revenue Integrity Compass].”

—Revenue Audit Officer
Midwestern health system

“With Revenue Cycle Compass, we’ve broken the record for every revenue cycle metric in the book.”

—Director, Revenue Cycle
Southeastern community hospital

 “We were able to produce data to support our agenda points during negotiations…if you come with better data than the person on the other side of the desk then you have quite a bit of power.”

—Vice President, Managed Care
Valley Baptist Health System, Texas (Payment Integrity Compass member)

“The real return comes with the payment variance and underpayment tools. We recovered millions in underpayments that would otherwise have been written off to a contractual.”

—Director, Managed Care
University of Utah Health System (Payment Integrity Compass member)

“We found the delivery model to be extremely flexible, allowing us to meet aggressive revenue objectives without increasing resources or going through an extensive IT implementation.”

—Chief Financial Officer
Midwestern community hospital (Payment Integrity Compass member)

“[Surgical Profitability Compass] enables us to run a much more efficient and profitable enterprise. We are so pleased with how robust the tool is and the level of detail it can drill down to.”


“We bought [Surgical Profitability Compass] because we had spent too much time digging in different directions.…We’ve been live with this site for 5-6 months, already have made headway on the operational side....On the financial side, it has already paid for itself!”

—Vice President, Hospital Services

“We are most excited about the speed to get the data. We are looking at throughput, length of stay, door-to-physician. This used to take me a couple of hours to do manually, and we are able to get productivity data, which we were never able to get. We are glad that we have [Emergency] Compass so that we can have access to metrics, so we can standardize and we can hold people accountable.”

—Vice President, Operations
Three-hospital health system in the Midwest

“Nursing Compass is my go-to system for monitoring hours and dollars performance against budget for all inpatient nursing units. All of the data is in one place and is easily accessible when I need it quickly.”

—Director, Finance

“[Nursing Compass] is critical in running our day-to-day business.”


“We use [Quality Compass] every day and for all our decision-making around infection control. You are as receptive as any company I have worked with, and I have worked with many others. You…make every effort to make the tool as user-friendly as possible.”

—Performance Improvement Director

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