About Revenue Integrity Compass

Revenue integrity management is much more than recovery audit contractor (RAC) readiness. While many organizations continue to focus on preparing for and responding to RAC, MIC and other government and commercial payer audits, the greatest revenue integrity risks remain unaddressed.

What is Revenue Integrity Compass?

Revenue Integrity Compass helps hospitals and health systems optimize revenue integrity using business intelligence technology. Recognizing that successful organizations take action well beyond audit preparation, we have developed a three-pronged approach:

  • Protect current revenues from audit activity across all payers
  • Identify and recover underpaid claims and missed charges
  • Systematically address clinical documentation issues to prevent future losses

Our Services

Business intelligence technology

The core of our solution is a business intelligence technology based in best-practice research. Member organizations use Compass data and analytics to:

  • Identify specific procedures at high risk for audit activity 
  • Recover underpaid claims and missed charges 
  • Enhance ROI on clinical documentation improvement programs 
  • Enfranchise physician leaders in permanent performance improvement 
  • Minimize compliance risk

Outcomes-focused dedicated advisor

Every member is served by a dedicated advisor, who functions as both educator and analyst, helping members extract value from their Revenue Integrity Compass investment. Dedicated advisors:

  • Identify immediate and long-term opportunities for improvement
  • Review member data to support performance gains and prevent backsliding
  • Share peer organizations’ stories and best practices
  • Ensure successful technology use
  • Conduct initial and ongoing training

National cohort of like-minded hospitals and health systems

Revenue Integrity Compass members are part of a rapidly expanding national network that includes more than 150 progressive hospitals and health systems from every U.S. region. The membership’s willingness to share best practices fuels the cohort’s ongoing progress.

Dedicated advisors facilitate idea sharing, as do cohort events such as quarterly champion summits held in Washington, D.C., and monthly webconferences featuring the work of best-practice member organizations.

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