Reorganize the Business Office to Maximize Resources

Kalispell Regional Medical Center | 273-Bed Hospital

Impact Highlights


Recoveries on underpayments/denials Q1-Q3 2015


Increase in recoveries after creation of new underpayment/denial recovery position

Kalispell Regional Medical Center, a two-facility institution in Kalispell, MT, encountered challenges while functioning under two separate leaderships and operations. As managing billing, improving A/R, and leveraging existing resources became increasingly difficult, Kalispell decided to partner with Payment Integrity Compass to realize full revenue potential, even during reorganization.

By bringing all employees under one roof, creating new dedicated denial and underpayment positions, and customizing Compass intelligence to support specific organizational goals, Kalispell achieved high recovery numbers and increased internal cohesion.

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Kalispell Regional Medical Center increased its recoveries by $1.51M over the course of two years with the help of Payment Integrity Compass.


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