Employee Health Compass

Get a handle on health benefits spend

Your Challenge Areas

Managing the rising cost of providing health benefits

Leverage sophisticated analytics to pinpoint the primary drivers of cost growth and take action. Target savings opportunities with precise, best-practice solutions.

Download PDFSee how we reversed the cost trend at Memorial Health System

Reducing medically unnecessary utilization

Enlist medical and pharmacy experts to review utilization and prescribing trends, spotlight waste, and provide alternatives without compromising care quality.

Download PowerPointSee how one member is benefitting from our clinical expertise

Minimizing the cost burden of the chronically and catastrophically ill

Prioritize population segments by prevalence and cost, identify the highest-risk individuals, and embed accountability for achieving results.

Download PowerPointSee how we helped one member optimize its disease management contract

Measuring the return on wellness investments

Adopt an outcomes-focused approach that links incentives to behavioral change and measurable results. Integrate biometric and claims data to enable intervention in the riskiest cases.

Download PowerPointSee how we’ve helped one member link incentives to wellness outcomes

Preparing the organization to succeed under accountable care

Improve the health system’s population management skills using employees as a test case. Establish a track record of success to leverage in payer contract negotiations.

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