Emergency Compass

Your Challenge Areas

Improving ED throughput and expediting admission

Identify and remedy the root causes of bottlenecks—and reduce LWBS rates—while enhancing RN and physician performance using throughput metrics and accurately forecasting inpatient bed needs.

Staffing to meet patient demand and productivity goals

Create efficient staffing plans using trend analysis of hourly ED census, patient acuity, and productivity; benchmark your staffing configuration against the cohort. Routinely assess RN and tech productivity and optimize physician recruitment and stipend policies.

Reducing variation in clinical care

Track physician utilization of ancillary services—by diagnosis, patient acuity, and disposition—and analyze diagnoses with highest rates of 72-hour returns. Support protocol adoption by documenting clinical variation and demonstrating the throughput implications of clinical practice.

Maximizing cash collections and improving charge accuracy

Reduce undercharging and increase collections by profiling RN performance on E/M charges and documentation and registrar performance and compliance with checkout protocols. Analyze and reduce bad debt by diagnosis, payer, and frequency of ED use.

Enhancing the patient experience

Boost the hospital’s reputation and improve patient loyalty by delivering a high-quality, efficient, and positive patient experience.

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