Engaging Physicians in Population Risk Management

How Covenant Health Partners is Using Clinical Integration and Crimson as a Base for Population Management

About the Webconference

Join the 2013 recipients of our Physician Partnership Award, Covenant Health Partners (CHP)—Covenant Health System’s advanced clinically integrated network—as they discuss how they’re leveraging this successful network to begin focusing on population health management.

John Grigson, chief financial officer, Covenant Health, and chief executive officer, Covenant Health Partners, and David Gray, chief medical officer, Covenant Health Partners, will share how they are leveraging the entire Crimson Clinical Advantage platform in tandem with a physician-led approach to population management.

Learn about the specific tactics they’ve implemented, including:

  • Physician governance committees that focus exclusively on population health
  • An integrated dashboard that synthesizes cross-continuum clinical and claims data
  • A new care coordination program

Highlighting the successes and challenges with managing their self-ensured population, they will also share their plan for taking on additional populations, as well as their ambition of joining the Medicare ACO cohort in 2014.

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Topics: Clinical Integration, Hospital-Physician Alignment, Physician Issues, Performance Improvement