The Experience Lab's Experiments in Action

An incubator of ideas and accelerator for action, The Experience Lab is transforming the health care Experience from the inside out. It's what we call "Big E Experience"—creating meaningful and memorable Experiences for and with team members, providers, patients, and guests.

You may be wondering, why a lab? The Experience Lab is a place where visionary health care leaders join together with Experience Design experts to discover new principles, explore exemplars, share bold ideas, hypothesize, and experiment. A lab is where breakthroughs happen, and here's a peek at what's been happening in the lab:


Our Experience Lab experiments kicked off in December 2016 with STIR at the Guggenheim Museum—a gathering unlike any other—bringing together a remarkable mix of people and Experiences and stirred hearts, minds, and what's possible in health care. Presenters, performers, and provocateurs mixed with more than 200 visionary health care leaders to imagine better, together.

  • "STIR changed everything for us as an executive team. The power was in experiencing STIR together as a team and then instantly taking the ideas and inspiration and putting them into action."
    –Member guest

  • "This was by far the best health care event I have ever attended in my 23-year career. Mixing presenters with performers and provocateurs from various worlds was absolutely thrilling. I didn't want the conversations to end!"
    –Member guest

  • "The best ideas often germinate in the time that we take away from trying to solve our problems—bringing fresh eyes and fresh new approaches to the table. STIR gave me space to think and dream."
    –Member guest

You can Experience some of the most inspiring and provocative STIR moments. Watch videos from the STIR stage now. New videos are released each month.

The dates and location for our next STIR gathering will be announced soon. Until then, join our STIR interest list to receive the latest updates and information.

Inside Out

Designed to investigate, innovate, and incubate bold ideas among a collaborative of visionary health systems, Inside Out is our grand experiment. Executives from up to ten health care systems come together four times in four cities for unique and immersive Discovery Labs focused on our Experience Design themes of LEADING, LOOKING, LIVING, and LOVING.

In February, Inside Out held its first Discovery Lab in Washington, D.C. Six courageous health care organizations (whom we call Lab Partners) dove into the work of exploring the theme of LEADING—the first of four Discovery Labs.

Together, they investigated new concepts; new frameworks; new discoveries; and the LEADING principles of Intention, Connection and Orchestration, that will ultimately lead them to design and active their own "Big E Experience" initiatives to intentionally design a new future for health care.

  • "We've accomplished more strategically as a team in two days than we have in the last six months. There is power in being away together as learners."
    –Inside Out Lab Partner

  • "I understand more what it means to intentionally create an Experience. I've found that I am bringing the patient into many more conversations about best ways to address issues. I found Inside Out to be extremely rejuvenating and inspiring (despite being completely exhausted by the last day)."
    –Inside Out Lab Partner

  • "My Inside Out Experience has provided me insight, inspiration, and a new energy to lead for the future. I haven't been this engaged and excited to lead and practice medicine in a long time. The Experience was better than any CME, any conference, or quite frankly any personal vacation to fuel new thinking and action."
    –Inside Out Lab Partner

This week, the Inside Out coLab is embarking on the second Discovery Lab, LOOKING, in Chicago, where they will use the lens of humanity to notice details large and small, personalize and customize, gain new perspectives, and begin to see their work and the world with new eyes.

Experience Essentials

For those who are ready to explore the realm of Experience, The Experience Lab has also been curating a provocative Experience Collective called Experience Essentials. Designed to serve as the Experience primer and to provide a continuous flow of ideas, interactions, and tangible tools, Experience Essentials equips Lab Partners with principles of Experience Design and methods for leading positive cultural disruption.

With daily access to the E Lab app; weekly curated emails—"Sparks" rich with articles, videos, podcasts, and positive provocations; and one-of-a-kind customized monthly Actions Kits, Lab Partners are becoming catalysts for creating change in their own organizations. Changes like:

  • "Experience Essentials is helping me get my spark back. I do not want to lose faith in our mission. I want to believe we can do better. Thank you for showing us how."
    –Experience Essentials Lab Partner

  • "Change needs to come from within staff and faculty. Happy staff, happy patients. Experience Essentials is forcing us to think different and begin to shift our culture."
    –Experience Essentials Lab Partner

Wonder what we mean by an "Action Kit"? Here's an example of February's Connection Action Kit.

Visual Healing

A joint experiment from The Experience Lab and award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, Visual Healing is an immersive audiovisual Experience that seamlessly brings nature and technology together to deliver positive physical, emotional, and psychological benefits.

In the context of health care environments, there is compelling evidence that the use of visual images can reduce stress, anxiety, and pain perception. By asking "Where in the world do you want to heal?", Visual Healing transforms patient rooms, family lounges, physician offices, and team member respite areas into life-like natural environments—encouraging healing by using nature's rhythmic patterns to reduce anxiety, slow down the outside world and increase a sense of well-being.

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