6 Supply Chain Myths

Challenging the long-held beliefs about clinical supply cost management

The supply chain's evolving mandate

As hospitals are increasingly looking for ways to cut costs, many are focusing additional investment and resources in their supply chain. What was once considered a purely transactional department is beginning to move "from the basement to the boardroom". 

We see organizations taking cues from outside of the industry, like hiring Chief Procurement Officers. Despite these investments, many myths about the supply chain persist that prevent hospitals from realizing the full potential of their supply chain department. 

We've rebutted six supply chain myths

  1. Supply chain is a transactional department focused only on price
  2. Profitability today ensures success moving forward
  3. Benchmark data and peer-reviewed research are what influence doctors
  4. Suppliers have everything they need to be a viable partner
  5. Physicians and clinical leaders should participate via committee work
  6. Our physician would never standardize or change suppliers 

Our "market truths" come from the research side of our firm; from lessons learned from our Spend Performance Solutions partners; and from our conversations with early-adopters of reformed payment and care delivery. 

To learn more about what you can do to combat these myths and implement supply chain best practices at your organization, download the white paper

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