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Past HPAC presentations

Provider-related topics

2020 State of Value Based Payment

This presentation provides an overview of the industry adoption of value programs, provider barriers to payment transformation, and plan strategies for supporting provider transition into risk.

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The New Network Economics

Maintaining an affordable provider network and keeping up with purchaser demands is becoming an impossible task. Learn how to build a low-cost network by expanding services and access in this presentation.

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The Coming Era of Radical Network Value Management

This presentation provides in-depth coverage of the market and policy trends impacting the commercial insurance industry, case studies of networks that target exclusive providers and key trends plus best practices related to the specialized management of specialty drugs.

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Member-related topics

Finding High Cost Members Fast

Learn how plans can avoid outsized spending on high-cost members by improving their data collection and analysis in this presentation.

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Best Practices in Member Onboarding

This presentation highlights relevant case studies and best practices that help the plan maximize the benefits of member onboarding.

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The Selfless Health Plan Innovator

In this presentation, learn how recent regulations and market trends have impacted purchases demands, what increased consolidation means for the industry and how plans can help members understand their practical care choices.

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