Custom Research Case Study: Diagnostic Imaging Capital Planning

How we helped one hospital balance “need to have” with “nice to have”

Christopher Pericak

Chris Pericak, Service Line Strategy Advisor

June 21, 2013

In today’s environment of tighter reimbursement, constrained capital, and greater competition for fewer cases, strategic planners struggle to strike the right balance between “need to have” technologies that improve patient access and strategic investments that enhance competitiveness. 

We often hear from members:

  • How do we assess the clinical and financial potential of imaging technology investments?
  • How should we allocate assets to remain competitive while streamlining costs?
  • Which imaging technologies will support our clinical and strategic priorities?

Torn between investing in competitive technology and conserving capital, decision makers are often stumped for how to evaluate imaging investments that foster growth in today’s market—without breaking the bank.

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