Cost and Quality Impacts of Multi-Modal Pain Regimens

Learn about our analysis of more than 400 organizations to investigate the impact of IV acetaminophen on pain regimens.

Advance EBP at Your Organization

With IV acetaminophen use on the rise—and at $38 per dose— it makes sense that many want to understand the exact value of this drug.

We used Crimson Continuum of Care data to analyze trends and outcomes in IV acetaminophen usage that few heath care organizations can see on their own.

Download our briefing to explore three takeaways on the cost and quality impacts of IV acetaminophen.

Questioning the value of a multi-modal approach

There is growing interest in the value of adding non-opioid pharmaceuticals to pain management regimens. In April, we polled over 200 acute care pharmacy leaders to understand how they are making formulary decisions, and found that 40% are examining the use of non-narcotic analgesics. Half of those respondents (20% overall) mentioned IV acetaminophen by name.

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