Physician Executive Survey

Topics: Pay-for-Performance, Market Trends, Strategy, Workforce Planning, Workforce

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About the Survey

The chief medical officer's role has evolved significantly in the last two decades. Once focused solely on medical staff issues, today’s CMOs are leading care transformation efforts across the entire clinical enterprise.

CMO survey

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Our researchers have been interviewing CMOs at the hospital and system level to better understand how the role has evolved over time—and how progressive CMOs are preparing their organizations for success under new payment structures and models of care.

Though the role varies from organization to organization, the industry must ultimately answer some critical questions, such as:

  • How are CMOs allocating their time across key strategic priorities, and how will this change in the future?
  • How are CMOs right-sizing their role to focus more on their current and future strategic priorities?

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The Physician Executive Survey is now closed. We encourage you to review our early findings.