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Tracking Medical Oncologists' Salaries

September 30, 2010

Ever since Medicare transitioned payment for outpatient drugs from the Average Wholesale Price (AWP) model to Average Sales Price (ASP), effectively decreasing the profits to be made on the drugs, a lot of attention has been paid to Medical Oncologists' income. Is it decreasing? By how much? How are they responding? With commercial payers also applying downward pressure, these questions continue to be asked. The other day I thought it would be good to actually see what the data says, so I pulled the past four years of MGMA data and here's what I found.

Hematologist/Oncologist Income - MGMA


Mean Std. Dev. 25th %tile Median 75th %tile 90th %tile
2006 $478,988 $339,757 $264,644 $362,930 $538,084 $997,090
2007 $449,520 $261,932 $291,899 $363,428 $515,784 $777,783
2008 $442,134 $236,299 $281,786 $373,037 $536,169 $778,709
2009 $433,745 $225,896 $277,886 $367,564 $522,247 $783,651
Change 2006-09 -10% -50% 5% 1% -3% -27%


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Dosimetrists and Medical Physicist Salaries

June 23, 2010

A member recently emailed us asking for data on medical physicist salaries. Strangely, this data point is tracke by many of the usual sources we use to track salaries, so we did some digging and I thought I'd share what we found. Neither of these is an ideal source of data, so if you know of something better, please let us know.

According to this site, salaries for dosimterists are as follows (as of November 2009):

25th percentile: $82,453
50th percentile: $89,976
75th percentile: $98,153

We couldn't find as clean data for physicists, what we did find is below;

Medical Physicists
Chicago, IL $126,426
Houston, TX $82,846
Phoenix, AZ $88,265
Dallas, TX $89,641
Atlanta, GA $130,112
Charlotte, NC $126,665
Orlando, FL $113,561
Indianapolis, IN $91,751
Miami, FL $130,597
Cincinnati, OH $113,783