How UCLA achieved a 60% increase in patient satisfaction scores

Nurse leaders from UCLA share the inspiration behind their "Getting to Know You" project to help caregivers get to know their patients as people.

The "Getting to Know You" Project

Nurse leaders at UCLA started the "Getting to Know You" project after realizing they hardly knew a patient who had been with them for nearly a year.

“It was always patient in bed #11 or bed #13. We wanted to move away from that and really personalize the patient as who they really were. Also we wanted to know what their goal was after their hospitalization because we wanted to help them reach that goal.”

See how UCLA's patient personalization poster initiative helped them get to know their year-long patient as a former singer in Vietnam and improve patient satisfaction scores from the 20th to the 80th percentile.

To learn more about how you can instill this practice at your institution, see "Patient Personalization Posters" in the Center's study, Enhancing the Patient Experience, or download the accompanying tool in The Patient Experience Toolkit.

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