Peer Strategy Liaisons: The Link Between Mission and Staff Workflow

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About the Webconference

In today's complex and rapidly changing environment, frontline staff often don’t understand the link between executive decisions impacting their workflow and the broader mission.

For example, many leaders have implemented hourly rounding—an initiative aimed at improving patient safety and performance on metrics tied to reimbursement. But some staff perceive hourly rounding as another "to-do" that could stand in the way of their direct patient-care responsibilities.

In this webconference, Patti VanDort, CNO of Holland Hospital, explains how "Peer Strategy Liaisons" can help frontline staff understand how changes reflect their organization's mission and values.

Learn how Holland Hospital:

  • Selects and trains frontline staff to act as "Peer Strategy Liaisons"
  • Equips "Peer Strategy Liaisons" to translate key market forces into frontline terms

Presenter: Patti VanDort, CNO, Holland Hospital

Topics: Nursing, Performance Improvement, Workforce