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You’ll be surprised: What imaging leaders are saying right now

by Becca Portman

Ever wonder how long that MRI scanner is really going to last? Or whether the manufacturer’s service contract is actually the best deal? To find the answers to these questions and more, our Service Line Strategy Advisor imaging experts recently conducted a survey of radiology directors and other imaging administrators. Read on to learn about some of the surprising results.


We gathered responses from directors of radiology and materials management at 21 institutions, mostly community hospitals, with a few Academic Medical Centers participating. While the sample size was small, it revealed several interesting trends related to technology adoption, vendor selection, and imaging lifecycle management.

Technology adoption

We asked members to tell us about their imaging fleets, as well as any advanced imaging applications they were regularly using. While the predominance of community hospitals may have skewed these numbers, we were surprised to find that only 14% of MRI scanners reported were 3T or above, and only 16% were wide-bore configurations.

Vendor selection

While the vendor of choice varied widely, most participants reported that cost effectiveness, a history of strong support, and bulk discounts were the most important factors influencing imaging vendor selection. In addition, we found that the majority of hospitals opted for OEM service contracts instead of relying on third-party service providers or an in-house maintenance staff.

Lifecycle management

Lastly, we asked members to share the lifespan they expect from the typical imaging investment. While respondents said that X-ray scanners generally had the longest useful life, the survey showed that most scanners last between seven and twelve years.

Learn more

For more information on imaging lifecycle management, be sure to review our webconference, “Improve Imaging Lifecycle Management.” In addition, for more imaging survey results, check out the Imaging Performance Partnership’s 2013 Imaging Turnaround Time Survey Results.

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