The Growth Channel

Strategies for successfully marketing urgent care centers

by Shay Pratt

In a recent conversation, a member asked us for best practices to market an urgent care center (UCC). Many UCCs do not heavily invest in marketing—41% spend less than $10,000 per year—with newspaper ads, community events, and direct mail the most commonly used media. Those that do invest in marketing, however, have found several ways to effectively promote a UCC to both consumers and physicians.

Effectively marketing UCCs requires addressing consumers’ concerns. In our research, three imperatives to addressing such concerns emerge:

  • Educating potential patients
  • Using technology to ease scheduling
  • Molding marketing efforts around the seasons

Building support for UCCs also requires establishing trust with physicians through activities like developing protocols for referring patients to physicians for follow-up care.

Learn more about successful strategies for marketing UCCs in a new Expert Insights piece. For additional information about effective ambulatory strategy, register for the Marketing and Planning Leadership Council’s Ambulatory Care Network of the Future Series.