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Technologist Vacancy Rate at its Lowest Point in Years

August 31, 2010

Are you hiring techs? You may be the only one. Many members have reported a measurable increase in the number of technologist job applications they are receiving, although few departments seem to be hiring. An Imaging Economics article says that the current vacancy rate for technologists is 2.1% (which measures the number of vacant positions versus the total number of FTE positions). Apparently this is the lowest rate in at least seven years.  

Many imaging departments were forced to make staffing shifts in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse. In addition, while some hospitals were able to hold the line on staffing and avoid letting any techs go, freestanding imaging centers are cutting staff at the same time. Members in markets with several imaging centers are reporting an increase in applicants from former employees of these providers--applicants that hospital imaging departments had difficulty attracting in the past. Departments also report no longer being required to offer substantial signing bonuses and other stipends to potential candidates. With outpatient imaging market consolidation in the future and the national unemployment rate still high, we assume this trend will continue in the near term.