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When should your radiologists take a ‘time out’?

February 4, 2013

Stephanie Krent, Imaging Performance Partnership

Recently, one of our members asked us about surgical "time outs" and whether they can apply to radiology. Because patient safety is a focus for so many of you but isn't a topic we often address, I wanted to share my response.

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More Active Radiologists Have Fewer False-Positive Mammogram Reads

March 16, 2011

A recent study published in Radiology journal last month finds that radiologists who interpret more screening mammograms tend to have greater breast cancer diagnostic accuracy than their counterparts. The study also finds greater diagnostic accuracy in screening mammograms among radiologists that interpret both diagnostic and screening mammograms. Surprisingly, in both cases, the increase in diagnostic accuracy is entirely driven by a reduction in the incidence rate of false-positive interpretations among high-volume radiologists; the incidence rate of false-negatives did not differ across radiologist cohorts in the study.


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