Advancing Radiation Dose Risk Management

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About this Webconference

In recent years, resources available to manage radiation dose risk have evolved substantially. Developments in technology, formation of dose registries, and improvements in educational techniques offer innovative solutions. Furthermore, program leaders need to be prepared for increased payer interest in radiation dose management, and possible pay-for-reporting incentives.

Updating our 2011 publication, Managing Radiation Risk, this webconference will investigate further the ever-changing dose management landscape. We will provide examples from progressive organizations working to control radiation risk and offer insights on which technologies are most meaningful.

Attendees will learn:

  • Strategies for educating patients and referring physicians on individual patient risk
  • Developments in technology for dose reduction and tracking
  • Emerging payer interest in dose tracking and management

Presenter: Ingrid Lund & Ben Lauing

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Topics: Information Technology, Marketing, Service Lines, Strategy, Pediatrics, Imaging