Why You Should Care About Provider Integration

What your customers want and what’s influencing purchasing decisions

Topics: Performance Improvement, Mergers and Acquisitions, Health Systems, Strategy

February 1, 2016  |  Health Care Industry Committee

About the Webconference

Over the past few years, provider organizations have pursued aggressive mergers and acquisitions to lower costs, improve outcomes, and better manage population health. But despite the best intentions, industry leaders have not seen the expected outcomes from mergers and acquisitions alone. To move forward, provider executives need to build a cohesive and integrated care delivery model from the disparate assets they have accumulated.

Listen to this webconference to learn more about the integration challenge. We’ll review how integration impacts how hospitals and health systems select, purchase, and use products and services. By exploring three interrelated surveys administered to provider executives, attendees will learn what their customers want and what factors influence their purchasing decisions.

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