About the Health Care Industry Committee

The Advisory Board’s Health Care Industry Committee provides health care services companies with the insights and decision-support resources needed to elevate their marketing, strategic planning, and business development functions.

Through reports, presentations, forecasts, and direct access to 150+ topical experts, the Health Care Industry Committee delivers customer insight, reimbursement intel, and actionable guidance, answering vital strategic questions, such as:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing hospital and physician leaders in the next few years—and how are health care providers responding?
  • How are hospitals’ spending and investing priorities changing?
  • How is health care reform affecting expectations for health care workers?
  • What are the major clinical, financial, and operational forces shaping specialty services such as oncology, imaging, and cardiovascular care? 

Member Resources

National member meetings

Attend one- and two-day conferences to hear our latest research findings and get a unique window into hospital and health system priorities.

Strategy and forecasting reports

Browse an ever-expanding catalogue of reports and white papers on provider market trends and emerging best-practice responses.

Live and on-demand webconferences

Participate in online educational intensives led by subject-matter experts, or access an archived recording at your convenience.

On-call expert consultations

Speak directly with our experts, who can discuss emerging trends and offer insight on information conveyed in our reports or presentations.

Decision-support resources

Access market and workforce demand forecasters, staff skill gap diagnostics, operational benchmarks, and other resources to support planning and client relationship development.

Onsite presentations

Host a facilitated discussion of our latest research, presented exclusively to your staff. These sessions often support staff training, leadership conferences, or strategic planning.

Director’s Insights

Receive concise monthly memos discussing hot topics and offering key takeaways for members.

Monthly e-mail alerts

Subscribe to newsletters previewing upcoming events and showcasing the most relevant research and expert commentary for health care staffing and services companies. 

Online research library

Search a Web portal aggregating all of our research, expert commentary, and decision-support resources.

Dedicated advisor

Work with a single point of contact to find the most relevant resources and experts, ensuring you get maximum value from your membership.

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