Medical Home Health Coach Practice Impact Calculator

Assess the financial case for adding a diabetes health coach to your practice

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Tool in Brief


Evaluate the return on investment of dedicated health coach managing your diabetes patient population; useful for comparing upfront new staff costs versus downstream benefits of improved diabetic patient management.

Suggested users

Physician relations personnel, physician leadership

Type of tool

Excel, Decision Guide

Key Information

Estimated completion time

10 minutes

Required inputs

  • Patient revenues
  • Health coach costs
  • Downstream assumptions

Tool outputs

  • Net present value of investment in home health coach
  • Concise summary of impact of health coach addition on volumes, cost, and revenue projections

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Special Acknowledgement

This tool was created in partnership with Mercy Clinics, Inc. (Des Moines, IA), an innovator in the design and implementation of the health coach role. Features were informed by data and results from Mercy Clinics’ successful integration of health coaches within day-to-day clinic operations.

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