The Medicare Breakeven Project

Topics: Medicare, Reimbursement, Finance, Payer and Regulatory Policy, Market Trends, Strategy

About the Medicare Breakeven Project

The Medicare Breakeven Project is a peer working group for providers looking to strengthen margins in the face of demographic, pricing, cost, and case mix pressures.

Supported by Advisory Board staff, the project offers ongoing guidance to hospitals and health systems preparing for the challenges of a market characterized by ever-greater reliance on publicly insured volumes.

If your organization holds a membership in the Health Care Advisory Board, there is no cost for participating in the Project. The easiest way to stay up to date with the Project’s latest insights and events is to subscribe to our blog, At the Margins.

Featured Research

Featured Data and Analytic Support

  • Margin Improvement Intensive

    Combines customized scenarios for key financial and operational metrics with a facilitated onsite session and an institution-specific action plan to help hospitals and health systems prepare for ever-greater reliance on publicly insured volume. Contact us for more information.

  • Cost Reduction Opportunity Assessment

    Review a facility-specific estimate of avoidable direct costs to identify focused opportunities for cost reduction.

  • Medicare Financial Benchmark Generator

    Access user-defined, peer-group benchmarks for key inpatient utilization and financial metrics.

Performance Improvement Best Practices

Study thumbnail: Bending the Expense Growth Curve

Bending the Expense Growth Curve

  • Standardizing clinical resource utilization
  • Boosting labor productivity
  • Launching effective employee health initiatives
  • Building flexible labor pools

Study thumbnail: Achieving Full Revenue Capture

Achieving Full Revenue Capture

  • Succeeding under value-based purchasing
  • Achieving best-in-class documentation
  • Bridging the gap on ICD-10 conversion
  • Minimizing losses on readmissions

Study thumbnail: Expanding Effective Capacity

Expanding Effective Capacity

  • Targeting top-DRGs for LOS reduction
  • Rationalizing utilization across the continuum
  • Ensuring effective care transitions
  • Implementing LEAN design principles

Study thumbnail: Proactively Managing Case Mix

Proactively Managing Case Mix

  • Managing an effective medical perimeter
  • Securing physician referral networks
  • Fostering growth in the ambulatory environment
  • Evaluating service line performance

For More Information

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